In The Beginning

So Here Is What Really Happened….

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Ring My Bell
Alexander Graham Bell was the very first individual to sign up the creation of the telephone at the license workplace. The telephone came around since they were attempting to enhance the abilities of the telegraph. After the telephone was designed, well-off people and also big companies largely utilized it as a method of interactions in between particular areas.

Telephone exchanges were established up to streamline the telephone network within a smaller sized geographical location. Many of the very early individuals of phones were companies. People can subscribe to the switchboard for a month-to-month charge that offered them accessibility to the telephone network.

As telephones have actually proceeded to progress from landlines as well as switchboards to cell phones and also cell towers, the usage of telephones has actually formed the method that companies attach to people. It likewise made it less complicated to get to a bigger here target market as well as made it less complicated for possible consumers to consult with the company to ask inquiries.

Furthermore the telephone has actually made it feasible for companies to be situated anywhere in the globe. In numerous methods, the Net is increasing and also altering interaction as a lot as the telephone did in the 1800s. Continue reading

New Phone

Thanks Jeff!


Just a great short story here. Today I was having my carpets cleaned by a great company, Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning, and the guy that was sent to my house to do the cleaning had a brand new Iphone 6s Plus. Really sharp looking screen and quick processor too. I had a droid from the stone ages so after playing with the carpet cleaning guys phone for a while I decided to drive over to the verizon store and pick me one up. Very happy with it and I have taken a ton of photos already. Make sure you get the 64gb one if you buy one. Anyway that’s my short and boring story but I am super excited so I thought I would share.


The Lightning

Oh Mom! LOL


It was a sunny afternoon just like any other in July, but then the clouds started to roll in and the sky turned black. There was that old familiar rumble coming from the sky. Sparky and his mom were out walking on their way home from the park and the winds started to whip up.

Mom said, “Looks like a lighting storm is coming”.

“Where does lighting come from?” asked Sparky. “It seems so magical”.

“It is electricity” she said, “would you like to know more about electricity”?

Sparky definitely wanted to know more about it, but once they got home where they were safe from the electric storm. As soon as they were inside the house watching the lighting from inside Sparky said, “I’m ready to learn, mom”. Sparky’s mom continued first by telling him how he got
the nickname Sparky, beside the fact that his dad was an electrician who gave him the nickname.Lightning

“You see Sparky, when you were a little boy your dad was wiring our new home so we could have electricity. You were so eager to help and we were so busy working that we lost sight of what you were doing. You stuck a screw driver in an outlet and it gave you a spark. “That is when your dad (who owned Vegas Towing Service at that time) started calling you Sparky” mom said with a giggle. Continue reading


Learning the Biz

For one thing guys i really had no clue what i was getting my self into when i decided to join the electrical brotherhood at 18 yrs old. Wow what a shock! LOL no pun intended!

The industry can be hard on younger and clueless guys like i was. Of 026course you get lots of ball busting and tricks played on you. My favorite was the ol’ sky hook line. Got me a few times actually (shhh).

If you have a tough skin and can take a beating you will survive. I did and i was skinny as a twig and wore glasses. Not the most macho lookin’ dude if ya’ know what i mean!

So persevered on through the gauntlet of shit. I started learning things that made me a bit more valuable and slowly but surely the verbal bashing tailed off. After a few years i was just one of the guys. I now had permission from the other guys to participate in the hazing of the new cadets that occasionally came through. We really saw it as a right of passage and a seniority thing.

Learning how to wire houses was primarily Continue reading

Dad and His Phones

Thanks Dad!

dads old telephone

This is where our adventure starts! I love wiring stuff. Anything really, if it goes whir or throws off sparks, it’s for me. I was raised by my Father who worked in the telephone industry back in Jersey. He has been grinding on that job for almost 43 years, WOW! Any way Dad always would teach me how telephones worked and what his job entailed. This lead me to taking a real liking to this field of work. My dad would always be messing around with old telephones he acquired through his work weeks and years. Continue reading